Gift of the Year 2023 shortlisted in Kitchen and Dining category

Bison Hill spectacular BBQ apron

Utilising years of design experience to create a design first utility apron for outdoor grillers.

Small batch product so when they are gone, they’re gone.

  • Gaucho BBQ Grill Apron
    Gaucho BBQ Grill Apron
    £69.00 £69.00
  • Apron E-Gift Card
    Apron E-Gift Card

Restaurant practicality in your home

We’ve taken our time to design and produce a grand apron by listening to professional chefs.

Built with stacks of features for the discerning griller and styled by a fashion designer. 

Unique limited editions

Small batch production. Made to our protected design specification.

Using the best-sourced materials. Handmade and hand-finished. This is the Bison Hill way.

Be a bearer of beauty

Everything bearing the Bison Hill mark is a stamp of quality and limited supply.

Superior fabrics

Durable, heat resistant and robust fabric with leather trim for style. Cut, washed and sewn for a sharp finish but robustness.

Utility pockets

Pockets and holders for all your essentials: knife sheath, cloth hook, bottle holder, utensil hoops, hoops for accessories and oven mitts.

First-of-a-kind design

Designed for practicality and all your grilling tools to hand. A washed denim with smart styling. A protected design in major developed markets.


store opened


protected designs

No compromise

Used with chefs in real grilling scenes

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