Bison Hill Best Sellers

Bison Hill focuses on solving functional issues for the gastro outdoor cooking market. The only real alternatives are branded goods that have no design thought going into them or cottage industry makers.  See our innovative grillware and functional housewares.

  • BBQ Block Keyring

    The BBQ Block Keyring, a stylish and functional accessory perfect for any BBQ enthusiast. This keyring is the same metal cast tag, that is found on the side of the BBQ Block from Bison Hill embodying the rugged charm and hallmark of the butcher’s block made from fine English oak. Manufactured from high-quality zinc/tin alloy…

  • Bison Hill BBQ Block

    Experience the ultimate kitchen elegance or BBQ shack cookspace with Bison Hill’s handcrafted BBQ Board. Each individual live edge board is perfect as a cheeseboard, brisket board, chopping board, or presentation board. Made from sustainably sourced English Oak a few miles from our workshop. Made from 2-3metre lengths that have been air dried over 2…

  • BBQ Cook and Dine gift set

    Perfect for a friend or loved one into their BBQ grilling and cooking. A stylish bbq apron with accessories for a gift set for the loved one in your life. For the ultimate grilling experience. The Bison Hill BBQ Grill Set for grillers. This premium BBQ set makes an excellent gift for dad, boyfriend, or…

  • Family BBQ Tool Set

    The ultimate mix of tools from Bison Hill and get a pair of King Forks, a family set of 4 Bison Skewers and 2 BBQ Blades. Add more to get savings and build your personal family set.

  • Trio Bison Skewer

    The Trio Bison Skewers is a set of three cooking kebabs. One skewer per person or have a stylish presentation at the table and people help themselves. With multiple skewers, you have versatility and options for cooking kebabs. A steel skewer can be reused, are easy to clean and sturdy. Get a set of three…

  • Bison Skewer

    Flat reusable skewer for finer kebab cooking. With a flat design for even cooking and easy turning on the grill, it is a solid piece of kit for any gastro chef. Use for beautiful plate presentation and a unique design with barbed arrowhead design and wide spears it ensures food is secure and won’t roll.

  • King Fork

    Ultimate grilling fork to shred, calve, pull, stir and toss any food on the grill. A pair of forks for the kitchen or BBQ.

  • Couple’s Gaucho BBQ Aprons

    A pair of Bison Hill’s Gaucho Apron’s are perfect for the gastro-cooking couple. Made from fine denim with masses of pockets for all the essentials of any duty in the kitchen or by the grill. These are two identical Apron’s included in this order.

  • BBQ Blade

    The BBQ Blade features a fast bottle opener design and grill scraper with flat edge and 3 teeth to fit most grates. A deep hook then provides for easy storage on a belt hook, apron ring or on the grill. Use the hook to pickup or lift hot grates.