Growth of smokers for cooking

The use of smokers for cooking has seen a significant growth in popularity in the United Kingdom in recent years. Smokers are a versatile and flavorful way to cook meat, fish, and vegetables, and they have become a staple in the UK’s BBQ and outdoor cooking scene.

The growth of the smoking trend can be attributed to the rise in popularity of American-style BBQ, which emphasizes the use of low and slow cooking techniques to produce tender, juicy meat with a smoky flavour. This has led to an increased demand for smokers, both traditional charcoal and wood-fired models, and newer electric and propane-fired models.

Another factor contributing to the growth of smokers in the UK is the increased interest in outdoor cooking and dining. As more people have started to embrace the “staycation” trend, the popularity of outdoor cooking equipment such as smokers, grills, and pizza ovens has risen. The trend has been fueled by social media, where people are sharing pictures and videos of their outdoor cooking adventures, inspiring others to try it out for themselves.

The popularity of smoking in the UK has also led to the rise of BBQ competitions, festivals, and events. These events have helped to promote the use of smokers and have introduced many people to the art of smoking.

In addition to traditional charcoal and wood-fired smokers, the growth of electric and propane-fired smokers has also played a role in the rise of smoking in the UK. These models are more convenient and easier to use, making them a popular choice for people who want to enjoy the flavor and texture of smoked food without the hassle of traditional smoking methods.

Overall, the growth of smokers for cooking in the UK is a reflection of the increasing popularity of outdoor cooking and dining, as well as the rise of American-style BBQ. With more people discovering the delicious flavours and textures that can be achieved through smoking, the trend is likely to continue to grow in the coming years.

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