The Making of Bison Hill BBQ Blocks: A fusion of craftsmanship and functionality

Step into the world of artisanal kitchenware with Bison Hill’s BBQ Board, a product that seamlessly marries functionality with natural elegance. Fashioned from premium-quality English Oak, each board is individually crafted to spotlight the wood’s unique properties. In a market flooded with mass-produced items, the Bison Hill BBQ Board stands out as a true rarity. This article explores the distinctive features of English Oak, the intricate process of creating a live-edge BBQ board, the advantages of owning such a unique piece, and the craftsmanship that turns simple wood into a work of art.

As English Oak is primarily milled and flattened prior to manufacture, real and live edge BBQ boards are rare, and so Bison Hill is making a niche product and artisanal, unlike mass-produced BBQ boards. Given the boards from a fallen local tree are nearly 7cm thick they are more butchers block and chopping board.

English Oak has long been esteemed for its robustness and enduring beauty. This wood is particularly suitable for BBQ boards due to its dense structure, which offers remarkable durability against the rigors of food preparation and cutting. Furthermore, English Oak’s natural antibacterial properties make it safer for food contact, while its resistance to wear and tear ensures it will remain a kitchen staple for years. The rich, warm tones and striking grain patterns contribute to its visual appeal, turning a utilitarian object into a focal point of any kitchen.

The first batch of chopping boards, numbering around 30 from our current stock of wood, come from a single fallen oak tree in a farmer’s field less than 2 miles from our office and worship where we are making them. The boards have been air dried for 2 years. We selected slabs for their unique grain patterns and overall quality. This fallen oak tree produced lots of wood.

The 2 years of air drying is slow but it will prevent future warping or cracking. When making the boards we try to maintain as much of the natural nature of the piece of wood so its not overworked. Our trade is supporting live fire cooking which means we always work with the embers, heat and environment on the day and never want the same each time. We work with nature and the environment.

We get the main shape of the board by cutting the slabs into the sizes similar to what you see in the end boards. We pay particular attention to preserving its natural edges for for a distinctive live edge look and to get a unique product. We smooth and sand the edges and top and bottom, ensuring the board is comfortable to handle while still retaining its natural characteristics. These boards, at 7cm thick, are seriously chunky and heavy. It’s better to think you are lifting a tree stump than a chopping board. The final stage includes the application of a food-safe finish, Danish oil; this enhances the wood’s natural beauty and provides a durable barrier against moisture and stains.

If you get to own a Bison Hill BBQ Board, you possess more than just a kitchen tool; you own a piece of art. Each board is unique, reflecting the individual characteristics of the tree it came from. This individuality extends to every knot, grain pattern, and edge, making your board a singular item in a world of uniformity. The craftsmanship involved ensures that each board is not only beautiful but also functional and durable. Whether it’s for slicing meats or serving your best BBQ dishes, your Bison Hill board will make every meal feel special.

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