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Finding the perfect gifts for the BBQ lovers in your life isn’t always easy. What is the best gift for someone who is hard to buy for or has everything they’ll ever need? Well, some new gadgets, the right tools, and accessories can make all the difference in their grilling game and also get you lots of points.

Whether you’re seeking the best BBQ gifts for men or women who love to BBQ, or looking to enhance your own outdoor cooking adventure, we’ve curated a selection of top-notch BBQ gifts to fit the bill.

Our order book is a trove of gifts purchased for delivery directly to their loved ones. So we think we know what is the best gift to give a grillmaster.

To help these wonderful givers, here is a selection of useful BBQ Gift Ideas for every BBQ owner who would love to have them but doesn’t yet or who will want them once they open the box. These are all good BBQ gift ideas—useful BBQ gifts for him or her. This list has it all. From Christmas to Father’s Day to Mother’s Day to Birthdays to New Home gifts, we’ve got this list that has all the best birthday ideas.

Grilling Planks

Ideal for: for the food innovator that wants to show new skills

Everyone loves flavours in their food. With cooking planks, you can impart wood-fired flavours into fish, meat and vegetables. Natural wood planks can be used for adding flavour to a dish and great presentation. Soak the plank for an hour before cooking. The soaking prevents them from igniting and burning too quickly. Then, place the planks in a wood-fired BBQ or pizza oven and let them heat until a faint, enticing smoke appears, about three minutes. Then, carefully flip the planks over and away from the direct fire, and lay your chosen protein or vegetables on top. This technique infuses your food with a delicate, smoky flavour of reminiscent of rustic outdoor cooking. The chef then can give their guests a succulent, wood-fired taste that makes every bite a special occasion. This culinary adventure lets your taste buds revel in the smoky goodness! Enhance dishes by adding wine or apple juice to the water when soaking the planks. This simple twist elevates the flavours, adding an unexpected zest to your recipes. The planks are frequent one-time use as they are likely to burn and warp slightly during a cook. Watch out for flare-ups, so have a water spray to tackle any flames during cooking. planks are a thoughtful, functional gift that can elevate the culinary repertoire of any BBQ enthusiast, making every grilling session a gourmet adventure.

Chopping Board

Ideal for: anyone needing serious kit in the kitchen and wants to present a smorgasbord of grilling dishes

You’ll have the tools to cook and a table to eat at, but what do you use to serve and prepare these great grilling meals? Every house needs good BBQ Cutting & Serving boards for carving perfectly cooked meat or preparing ingredients for grilling. We fontly remember the massive butchers blocks we saw in the 90s and want one for our kitchen. A solid wood BBQ chopping board is usually chunky and robust. In general, err on the side of larger cutting boards. There’s nothing worse than working on something that’s too narrow for the task. Nowadays, the trend among professional chefs is to use large boards for maximum workspace. A durable, solid butcher block by your side is essential. Ensure you get a generous juice groove to capture all those liquids that come with any good grill. A good hardwood board will last ages, but it can also blunt knives more easily than something like a bamboo board. There a belief that plastic cutting boards are more sanitary. They are easier to clean as they can be placed in the dishwasher, but no one wants to look at them in the kitchen or give them as a gift. Some studies have shown that lots of bacteria remain on a plastic block’s surface even after it’s been thoroughly cleaned. So if going for a board, go for wood and a hardwood.

BBQ Apron

Ideal for: Any serious griller that’s cooking frequently on their BBQ

Wherever there are flames there is a mess so a BBQ Apron is essential to keeping clean and saving your favourite clothes from disaster. It’s also a unique and thoughtful gift for chefs and all those who love to BBQ or grill. Standing by a grill or stove, you know it gets hot and food sizzles. Those sizzles can leave your best outfit covered in stains. With a BBQ Apron, all those problems are lost. get some stylus protection against heat and stains. Big brand grill providers like WeberEverdure by Heston BlumenthalKamado JoeChar-Broil, and Traeger, all sell their own branded aprons. Sadly it’s about the brand and not about the design, make or quality of the apron. A BBQ Apron that is designed for the job is a better gift. You should look for good quality material and lots of pockets for all the grilling accessories. One that sits close to the body so there are no tugs or droops, will also look stylish.

A quality BBQ apron will have the following things:

  • made from premium material 
  • be handmade with a focus on quality
  • lots of pockets for cooking essentials 
  • adjustable, and long, waist and neck straps
  • signs of craftsmanship  

If you are reading this and want to receive one of the above, maybe it’s time to use our gift idea generator.

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