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Where did Bison Hill come from, and more about its origins? We share the name Bison Hill with a cycle climb in Bedfordshire and also a legendary figure in the American Old West who was a larger-than-life figure (symbol of the rugged individualism and frontier spirit that characterized the Wild West).

Bison Hill is a UK-based grilling apparel company specialising in designing and creating high-quality, durable grilling aprons, with their flagship product being the Gaucho BBQ Apron. This apron is designed to offer both style and functionality, with features such as multiple pockets, adjustable straps, and a towel holder to make grilling more convenient and comfortable.

Bison Hill prides itself on using only the best quality materials, with each apron being made from waxed canvas or leather for durability and protection against heat and spills. The company’s designs are inspired by the rugged and adventurous spirit of the American West, and the Gaucho BBQ Apron in particular, draws on the tradition of Argentinean gaucho grilling with its rustic and stylish aesthetic.

Bison Hill has quickly gained a reputation for being a go-to brand for grilling enthusiasts and professionals, with their products being sold across the UK and beyond. If you’re looking for a stylish and practical grilling apron to elevate your outdoor cooking game, Bison Hill’s Gaucho BBQ Apron is definitely worth checking out.

We have a unique approach to our trade with a few unique approaches: focus on inhouse designed products, known supply chains and sustainability in our operations, including the unique ‘Ugly boxes’.

Bison Hill is founded on the belief that design must be functional, which is why our team of devoted experts is committed to creating products with a practical purpose. This philosophy dictates that form should always follow function, which is evident in every product we make. From the masses of pockets on the Gaucho BBQ Apron to the convenient D hooks for accessories, Bison Hill’s products are thoughtfully designed with the user in mind. The company’s small team enables us to prioritise quality over quantity and pay attention to every detail. We strive not only to produce visually appealing grilling apparel but also aim to enhance the grilling experience by providing comfort and enjoyment through our products.

Starting with practical aprons and moving into tools. The latest product in development is the Huller, a multi tool for grilling. If you’re an outdoor cooking enthusiast, a combiner BBQ scraper and bottle opener is a versatile tool that you won’t want to be without. This handy gadget combines two essential functions, making it a must-have for any grilling occasion. The scraper is designed to effectively remove stubborn grime and residue from your grill grates, ensuring a clean and hygienic cooking surface for your food. Made from heat-resistant stainless steel, it’s not only durable but also easy to clean. But that’s not all – the bottle opener at the scraper’s end makes it even more practical. You can easily open bottles of beer or other beverages while you cook, making it perfect for outdoor gatherings and barbecues. It comes with a simple hook that allows you to hang it on your Gaucho Apron or directly on your grill.In addition to the BBQ scraper and bottle opener, there’s also a kebab puller included in this set. This nifty tool lets you safely pull hot food off skewers with ease. Overall, this BBQ scraper and bottle opener set is a must-have for anyone who enjoys grilling and entertaining outdoors. Now you don’t settle for anything less when keeping your grill clean, getting food off your kebabs and enjoying cold beverages while you cook!

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